Thursday, May 3, 2007

1st Annual Bastrop Fine Arts Gala

This is the first annual Bastrop Fine Artist's Gala held at one of the members home. It was a beautiful setting and a sunshine day. This day held a silent auction and regular bidding auction in order to raise funds for the Guild. All members had a chance to submit work for the live auction and chose only a select few. Others could participate in the silent auction if not chosen. I would have to say the people in charge did a wonderful job on the set up. There were tables throughout the lawn with areas of food and wine. They even had servers and two ladies playing soft music. And in the back were additional pieces inside the guest house. The items that auctioned off seem to go high and people were in the bidding war. What made it was the auctioneer for this event, who knew how to get the people interested in the art and made some slight humor that made people actually laugh. Good job Guild Members!

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